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Football Mogul 24



The Options Dialog is located on the Tools Menu. It lets you specify different game settings.

Commissioner Mode

The Commissioner Mode button turns Commissioner Mode on or off. Because Commissioner Mode lets you edit game data, turning it on during a game will invalidate your Mogul Rating for that game.

Commissioner Mode allows you to make any adjustments and alterations you want to any team. You can force trades, alter rosters on any team, change the finances of the league, see the accurate statistics on players, farm systems. Anything you could do with your own team you can do to all the teams.

You can use the Edit Player system to make adjustments to existing players in the database, and create new players.

You can use the League Editor at the start of each season to realign leagues and divisions and to edit team data like home cities and farm systems.

You can use the City Editor to add new cities or adjust the data of existing cities.

You can also use the Stadium Editor to edit new or existing stadiums.

Perfect Scouting

Turning on Perfect Scouting will create 100% accuracy for all ratings shown in the Scouting Report, and in all player dialogs (Offense, Defense, Sortable Stats, etc.)

With Perfect Scouting off, the rating shown for each player will fall within a few points of the actual rating. The amount of this error is affected by that team's Scouting Grade. To increase your team's Scouting Grade (and thus increase the accuracy of these ratings) increase your 'Scouting Expense' in the Expenses Dialog.

Enable Auto-Save

Before each simulation of one week or more, Football Mogul will automatically save a copy of your current game state with the filename "[Auto Save].mog".

Financial Responsibilities

General Manager Mode: The default game mode, putting you in the role of General Manager, controlling football operations while the "owner" manages all revenues and ensures you have the funds to build a team. In this mode, the only limit on your personnel budget is the league salary cap.

Owner Mode: Gives you control over the financial operations of your franchise, requiring you to set ticket prices and manage expenditures in order to maintain positive cash flow. In Owner Mode, you are required to maintain a positive level of cash in order to draft players, sign free agents and extend contracts.

General Manager Mode Owner Mode
Expenses All teams have identical Medical Staff and Scouting Staff quality. Medical Staff and Scouting Staff quality are determined by settings in the Expenses Dialog on the Budget Menu.
Ticket Prices Ticket prices are set automatically to maximize revenue. Set in the Tickets Dialog on the Budget Menu.
Draft Picks Teams always have enough cash to sign draft picks. Teams must have enough cash on hand to sign each draft pick.
Signing Bonuses Teams always have enough cash to pay signing bonuses. (However, pro-rated signing bonuses are counted toward each team's Salary Cap status.) Teams must have enough cash on hand to pay signing bonuses at the time players are signed.
Trades Trades offers don't include cash. Teams can add cash to trade offers. Team may trade players or draft picks for cash (and are often required to in order to have enough cash to sign draft picks).

Difficulty Level

This controls the intelligence of your computer opponents during the game of Football Mogul. On the lowest and highest difficulty levels, the game engine and financial model are also altered somewhat. On the 'Fan' level, you actually have an easier time making money than the computer-controlled opponents. But on the 'Mogul' level, the cards are stacked against you.

In other words, the computer actually "cheats" against you on the Manager and Mogul difficulty levels. This means they are more likely to trade with each other than to complete trades with human-controlled teams. It also includes a boost to their player abilities when competing against human-controlled teams.

The levels of difficulty in Football Mogul are:

 Fan - Beginner level (the easiest)

 Coach - Intermediate

 Manager - Challenging

 Mogul - Difficult

Auto-Fill Incomplete Rosters

By default, Football Mogul will automatically sign players to each team if that team ever drops below the minimum required number of players at any position. To disable this feature for human-controlled teams, uncheck this box.

Sound Effects

The Sound Effects on-off selector is located in the Tools menu under Options...

By clicking this box, you can hear button clicks and notification noises in the game.

By leaving it blank, the game will run silently.

Show News Ticker

Turn on/off the News Ticker that scrolls along the bottom of the screen. You may have to resize the window (by dragging the lower right corner), in order to get your operating system to refresh the display.

Dark Text

Uncheck this box to switch from dark/black text to light/white text on most screens in the game. This is useful if you wish to use or create a skin that features dark-colored background art.


Specifies which folder is used to retrieve background artwork that is displayed during the game.

Replay Mode

Part of what makes Football Mogul enjoyable is the degree of unpredictability each time you play. One young player might develop into a superstar the first time you play, and be mediocre the next. Replay Mode removes much of this randomness from Football Mogul. In Replay Mode, Football Mogul loads each player's stats for the upcoming season at the beginning of each season, and uses these single-season statistics to determine player ratings and on-field performance.

Iin Replay Mode, you can view the player's actual stats for the season being replayed by choosing 'Predicted' from the dropdown menu (in dialogs such as Offense, Defense and Sortable Stats). Additionally, Replay Mode generally prevents a player from being injured before they have played the same number of season games as they did in real life.

Note that Replay Mode is only available for Historical Seasons (i.e. years for which actual player stats are available).

Reversion to Mean

When Replay Mode is turned off, player careers progress randomly. Tom Brady might turn out to be a scrub and Blake Bortles might become a superstar. "Reversion to Mean" controls the level of "randomness". Increasing this setting will increase the tendency for star players to decline in the off-season. Decreasing this setting will make it more likely that a star player stays at an MVP level of play for multiple seasons.

Automatic Text Output

At the end of each season, Football Mogul can automatically record League Standings, Player Awards and/or Team Finances as text files in the 'Output' folder.

Text Display Speed

The speed with which play-by-play descriptions are shown during play-by-play. Increasing this setting will reduce the amount of time that each game takes to conduct in play-by-play mode.

Offensive Plays

Set this to "automatic" if you would like the computer to automatically choose offensive plays for you in play-by-play mode.

Defensive Plays

Set this to "automatic" if you would like the computer to automatically choose defensive plays for you in play-by-play mode. For example, you may wish to choose your own offensive plays, but let the computer choose defensive plays for you.


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