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Football Mogul 24



This dialog gives you a quick breakdown of the expenses for running your franchise. Here, you can control how much you're spending on Medical Staff and Scouting.

Each category has a ranking, comparing your budget to that of other teams. This way, you can see if what you're spending is commensurate with the rest of the league.

The more you spend on each of these categories, the better results you'll get from each - however, keeping expenses low frees more money for salaries and team operations. You'll have to balance your budget to stay afloat.

Here's a description of each item shown on the Expenses Dialog:


The yearly salaries stipulated in your players' contracts are actually paid out on a "per game" basis. This number is the sum of everyone's pay per game. So, for example, a typical team whose player salaries total $60,000,000 per year will pay out $4,750,000 per game over a 16-game season. Players are NOT paid extra for playoff games.


The owners of your team (of which you are the General Manager) expect a return on their investment, as from a stock portfolio or savings account. This required dividend will add up to about 10% of the total value of the franchise over the course of a year. So, although a New York or Chicago team might have a greater fan base from which to draw revenue, they also have a higher dividend that has to be paid to the owners every year.


These are the daily costs of running a professional football club that you have no direct control over. They include things like running the front office; legal costs; team travel expenses; security; and stadium maintenance. Since much of this requires hiring local employees, Operations Expenses are correlated to your city's per capita income level.

Medical Staff

This is the amount of money spent per game on medical care for your players. The average team spends about $4 million annually (about $250,000 per game) on conditioning, medical staff, equipment, insurance and surgery. Spending more will decrease both the number of injuries and the recovery time of your injured players.


The more money spent on scouting, the more accurate the ratings and written assessment sections of your scouting reports. This applies to players on your roster and on other teams. The average team spends about $2 million (almost $125,000 per game) on a scouting network.


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