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Football Mogul 24



The New Game Dialog lets you set all the parameters of your game of Football Mogul before you begin play.

Mogul Name

Type your name in this field. This is the name by which your accomplishments will be recorded in the Football Mogul Hall of Fame.

Team City

Choose the city of the team that you would like to play from among the list. Because New York has two teams, it is listed twice. If you wish to play a New York team, be sure you have selected the team you wish to play.

Team Name

This field contains the name of the team you are controlling. You can personalize your game by editing this name.


This controls the intelligence of your computer opponents during the game of Football Mogul. On the lowest and highest difficulty levels, the game engine and financial model are also altered somewhat. On the 'Fan' level, you actually have an easier time making money than the computer-controlled opponents. But on the 'Mogul' level, the cards are stacked against you.

In other words, the computer actually "cheats" against you on the Manager and Mogul difficulty levels. This means they are more likely to trade with each other than to complete trades with human-controlled teams. It also includes a boost to their player abilities when competing against human-controlled teams.

The levels of difficulty in Football Mogul are:

 Fan - Beginner. The easiest difficulty level. The other computer GMs will sometimes agree to trades that are in your favor. And the game simulation will tilt slightly in favor of human-controlled teams.

 Coach - Intermediate. A level playing field. Computer GMs will try to get the best deals. Game simulation is unaffected.

 Head Coach - Challenging. At this level, the computer GMs will require more in trade from human-controlled teams than they do from each other. As mentioned above, the game engine will also cheat against you slightly, temporarily adding about 1 point to the ratings of opposing players when you play against them. This effect is increased somewhat against plays that you call more than five times per game.

 Mogul - Difficult. This level implements the same changes found at the 'Head Coach' level but doubles the magnitude of each effect. Computer-controlled GMs will only accept trade offers that it thinks are lopsided in it's favor. It is still possible to find a trade that benefits your team, but it will be more difficult.


Shuffle Players

This randomly distributes all the players in the league. If you've gotten tired of starting with the standard team rosters, you may wish to choose this option and see how you do with a random selection of league players to start with.

Fictional Players

Football Mogul will create a league of completely random and fictional players and distribute them randomly. This may require some initial trading and player signing on your part to put a complete team on the field.

Equalize Cities

A team's success in Football Mogul depends largely on the resources of it's home city. Checking 'Equalize Cities' causes all cities to be given the same population and financial stats. This will put all teams on a level playing field as far as monetary resources. When running a league, you can combine this feature with a draft (using Roster File) or with Shuffle Players to create a more balanced game. Team financial stats are equalized only if you choose Equalize Cities AND Shuffle players.

Fantasy Draft

Football Mogul will start the game with a Fantasy Draft, letting you pick your team from all available players (with computer-controlled teams taking their turns).

Replay Mode

Part of what makes Football Mogul enjoyable is the degree of unpredictability each time you play. One young player might develop into a superstar the first time you play, and be mediocre the next. Replay Mode removes much of this randomness from Football Mogul. In Replay Mode, Football Mogul loads each player's stats for the upcoming season at the beginning of each season, and uses these single-season statistics to determine player ratings and on-field performance.

Iin Replay Mode, you can view the player's actual stats for the season being replayed by choosing 'Predicted' from the dropdown menu (in dialogs such as Offense, Defense and Sortable Stats). Additionally, Replay Mode generally prevents a player from being injured before they have played the same number of season games as they did in real life.

Note that Replay Mode is only available for Historical Seasons (i.e. years for which actual player stats are available).


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