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Football Mogul 24



In Football Mogul, you assume the role of both General Manager and Coach for a professional football team of your choice. You start at the Opening Weekend of the current season with a current roster of about 65 players. Your roster can hold a maximum of 80 players.

In your role as Head Coach, you set the starting offensive and defensive teams, and choose your kicker, punter, kick returner and punt returner. You choose who stays on your roster and who gets sent home without a paycheck. As General Manager, you craft complex trades and sign multi-million dollar players, competing with artificially intelligent player agents and general managers. You also get to control all the finances of your team, from setting the price of a ticket or a beer to allocating funds to your scouts and medical staff. Finally you can even control the playcalling of each matchup week-to-week as you steer your club to victory.


The goal of Football Mogul is to have fun. Take control of your favorite modern team, or replay any historical season. Make trades. Design playbooks. Rewrite football history.

The Mogul Rating

If you would like to compare your performance to other head coaches from history, you can view your Mogul Rating in the Mogul Hall Of Fame (on the History Menu).

Although you must juggle the financial aspects of your team in order to succeed, your Mogul Rating is based entirely on your team's performance on the field. The Rating equals the percent of games that your team won plus a playoff bonus (up to 50 points, for a team that is World Champion in every year). Then, a modifier of up to ten points is applied according to the resources available to you. Small market teams get a bonus, while large market teams are penalized. To view these modifiers, click one of the header buttons on the Finances Page and choose 'Mogul Rating Bonus'.

Finally, a penalty is applied if you retire before playing ten seasons. So, you must have more than a few good years to earn an excellent Mogul Rating; you must build a successful dynasty that is capable of supporting itself financially.

To see how you compare to fictional football coaches from history, go the Mogul Hall Of Fame screen (on the File menu). An average team will have a Mogul Rating of about 50. Any score above 75 is excellent.

Note that there are four separates Mogul Halls Of Fame (1 for each difficulty level).


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