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Football Mogul 24



This menu gives you access to your saved games, as well as the ability to retire your Mogul persona and leave the game.

  • New Game - This starts a new game, letting you choose a new team, new name for yourself and other options like difficulty level.
  • Resume Game - This allows you to continue a game you've saved. A dialog will show all the saved games you have to choose from, and by double clicking on one of the names, you'll restart that game. Or, you can highlight it and hit 'Resume'. There is also an option to delete a saved game. Highlight the game you want to delete, and hit the delete button on the right side of the dialog.
  • Save Game - This creates a file in the top level directory for Football Mogul (This is the same place where the executable, football.exe, resides). Saved games are between 200 and 400 K depending on how long you've played.
  • Retire Mogul - This ends your game and records your Mogul score in the Hall Of Fame appropriate to your chosen difficulty level. The game will let you know if retiring with your current mogul score will place you in the Mogul Hall of Fame, and if it's too low, you can return to your game and continue to work on it.

You can view your Mogul Rating on the Financial Pages under News - simply select one of the columns to display it. Or you can choose the Mogul Hall of Fame under the File menu.

When you retire, if you earned your Mogul Rating without tampering with the game, and without using any of the Advanced Game Options, your performance will be listed in white. If you use Commissioner Mode or save and resume your game at any point, your Mogul Rating will be invalidated and will be shown in gray.



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