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Football Mogul 24



The Offense Dialog lets you view and rearrange your starting offensive team, and the other offensive players on your team.

Hint: In order to fool the defense, it is important to have a variety of offensive threats on the field. A team with a superstar running back but no passing game will not have great success running the ball, because the defense will be able to shift their focus to protect against the run. This is true for all aspects of your game. For example, if your QB is underperforming compared to his Scouting Report, make sure you have quality receivers and offensive linemen.


Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to position highlighted players on your starting offensive team.

The Release button is used to eliminate players from your team that you don't need. Because Football Mogul contracts are not guaranteed, there is no cost to releasing a player. If, however, you paid a signing bonus in hiring a player, that money has already been spent and cannot be recouped.

The Auto-Sort button asks the computer's artificially intelligent coach to sort your offensive players for you. This will pick the best player's for the 11 starting offensive positions, and sort the bench by skill and by position. Even if you disagree with the choices the computer makes regarding player talent, this is still a useful tools for organizing your team and grouping all player's of the same position so that they can be easily compared to each other.

To replace a starting player with a bench player, select both players and click the Swap button.


In Football Mogul, the order of players on your bench is only important in relation to other players of the same position. When the computer runs a play that requires players from beyond your chosen starting teams, it picks by position in the order shown.

Example: On third down and long, the computer coach is much more likely to choose passing formations such as the Run and Shoot. This formation uses 4 WR, 0 TE, and 1 RB. So the computer looks at your roster and picks the first uninjured RB (listed right after the QB), and the first four uninjured WR (the two in your starting 11, plus the first two it finds on the bench). It doesn't matter whether these #3 and #4 receivers are listed at the top of your bench or near the bottom, as long as they are the first two WRs listed on your bench.

Football Mogul simulates each play using all players on the field. So if you have 4 excellent WRs, you will have more offensive weapons than the average team on passing downs, and will have greater success. A great QB and WR combo will not fully realize their potential until you surround them with a talented supporting cast.

Arrow Click here for more information on the various formations used in Football Mogul.


Because formations pick a number of players from each position, a player's listed position is actually more important than how the players are organized on the Offense Dialog.

For example, if you want a Guard to play as your Left Tackle, you cannot simply put the player in the spot labeled "LT" in your starting offense like this:

Offensive Starters

In the above example, you would need to change Russ Hochstein's position to "Tackle" for the game to put him at Left Tackle in your offensive formations. To change a player's position, click his position in his Scouting Report.


P = The player's position. Each player in Football Mogul has one primary position. To change a player's position, click on the player's position in his Scouting Report.

The abbreviations for positions are shown below:




QB: Quarterback

DE: Defensive End

K: Kicker

RB: Running Back

DT: Defensive Tackle

P: Punter

FB: Fullback

LB: Linebacker

KR: Kick Returner  

WR: Wide Receiver

CB: Cornerback

PR: Punt Returner

TE: Tight End

S: Safety


T: Tackle



G: Guard



C: Center



You can view each year's stats and career-to-date totals for each player on your roster. Select a differenct team to see the rosters and statistics for your opposition.

At the end of the season, the names of players whose contracts are about to expire are shown in parentheses. This is to help you pick out the players whose contracts you wish to renegotiate, and those who you wish to release to the free agent pool.



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