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Football Mogul 24



The College Draft occurs in the inverse order of the previous year's standings. So the team with the worst record gets the first draft pick in each round, and the World Champion gets the last pick of each round. The College Draft lasts seven rounds.

At the start of each new season, the College Draft will be held. The computer will automatically pick players for all computer-controlled teams.

If you wish to see a list of the players picked by each team, look in the Output directory of your Football Mogul installation for files beginning with the word 'draft'

After the computer teams have made their picks (or if your team gets to make the first pick), you will be instructed to make a draft pick. The Draft Dialog gives you access to all available players.

Players are initially ranked from best to worst in order of 'CSS'. This stands for Combined Scouting Score -- a rating from 0.0 (lowest) up to 10.0 (highest) that estimates each player's overall career prospects as a pro football player. As the name suggests, this number is calculated by the combined efforts of the scouting staffs of every team in order to provide some basic shared information for all teams (and the press). If you want the inside scoop on a player, look at the specific ratings for each skill (e.g. Accuracy, or Rushing). The other ratings inside the Scouting Report are compiled by your own personal scouting staff. Unlike the CSS, their accuracy depends greatly on the amount of money you've invested in your Scouting Staff.

Hint: Teams that are in the process of rebuilding (i.e. looking for long term prospects, instead of just players who can help them win immediately) should lean towards drafting underclassmen when possible. Underclassmen may not be as ready for the pros as graduating Seniors, but they have more years of improvement ahead of them. On the flip side, teams looking to be competitive in the upcoming season are usually better served by drafting Seniors who can make a more immediate contribution to the team.

If you are looking to fill a specific need, you may wish to sort the college players not by overall value, but by position. Simply click on the 'Position' radio button. It takes a few seconds to re-sort the players, so please be patient.

As with other dialogs, you can get a Scouting Report for a player by double-clicking on him, or by clicking the 'Scouting' button. Once you have found a player you wish to draft, hit the 'Draft' button. A Contract Negotiation Dialog will pop up. If you cannot reach a suitable agreement with a college player, simply hit the 'Decline' button. Your draft pick will not be used up, and you will be returned to the Draft Dialog where you can search for another player who's signing terms are more to your liking.

Hint: If you don't have enough room under the Salary Cap to sign a college draftee, just hit the 'Leave' button. Go make some room under the Salary Cap by releasing players or trading them away. Then return to the Draft Dialog and sign the player.

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