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Football Mogul 24




The Calendar Screen displays all games for any one team. Final scores and summary stats are shown for games that have been played. Stats are shown for the team whose calendar is currently being viewed (i.e. the team name shown at the top of the screen). Click on the label at the top of each column to display any of the following stats for each game:

Column Header


Point Spread

The betting odds for the specified game. These can fluctuate before a game is played, but they are locked down at kickoff.

The point spread is expressed as a negative number indicating the number of points by which the favored team is expected to win. The favorite is shown in parentheses. For example, "-6.5 (SF)" means that San Francisco is favored by 6.5 points. For a bet placed on San Francisco to win, the 49ers must win by 7 or more points.


The over/under betting line: the predicted number of total points scored by both teams. A bettor who bets the "over" wins their bet only if the total of points scored exceeds this number. A bet on the "under" only wins if the point total is lower than this value.

Offense (Total Yards)

Total yards from scrimmage (rushing and passing).

Defense (Total Yards)

Total yards from scrimmage by the team's opponent.

Passing Yards

Passing yards accrued in the specified game (defined as yards on pass plays, including sacks).

Rushing Yards

Total yards gained on rushing plays.

Passing Yards Allowed

Passing yards by the team's opponent in the specified game.

Rushing Yards Allowed

Total rushing yards by the team's opponent.


Number of times the currently viewed team turned the ball over during the game (sum of fumbles and interceptions).


Number of turnovers by the team's opponent (fumbles plus interceptions).

Turnover +/-

Takeaways minus turnovers.

Time of Possession

Total amount of time the team had possession of the ball (i.e. was on offense).
In a regulation game 60-minute game without overtime, the team with more than 30 minutes of possession controlled the ball for more than half the game.

Yards / Play

Yards gained per play from scrimmage (a rushing or passing play).

Yards / Play Allowed

Yards gained by the opposing team per play from scrimmage.

Third Down Conversion

The team's conversion success rate on third down. This equals the number of first downs earned on third down, divided by the total number of plays run on third down.

Fourth Down Conversion

The team's conversion success rate on fourth down. This equals the number of first downs earned on fourth down, divided by the total number of plays from scrimmage run on fourth down (punts and field goal attempts are not included as plays from scrimmage).

Red Zone Scoring

The team's success rate at scoring (either a field goal or touchdown) on "red zone" possessions. A "red zone possession" is defined as one in which at least one play starts inside the opponent's 20-yard line.

Red Zone Touchdowns

The team's success rate at converting "red zone" possessions to touchdowns. This equals the number of touchdowns scored on red zone possessions, divided by the total number of red zone possession.


Number of times the team tackled the opponent's quarterback for a loss on a passing play.

Sacks Allowed

Number of times the team's quarter was tackled for a loss on a passing play.

Blank lines indicate a "bye week" (a scheduled week off). Playoff games, for teams that advance into the playoffs, are scheduled as needed at the end of the season, and shown near the bottom of this screen. Playoff games are visually separated from the regular season by a small gap.

To view the details (using the Games Screen) of any specific game that has been played, click on the line displaying the game.







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