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Football Mogul 24



The News Menu lets you specify what stats are displayed in Football Mogul's "main window". You can also use the "Navigation Bar" near the bottom of the screen to change which screen is displayed.

The Standings screen provides information that relates to the scope of the entire team. On this screen you can watch your team rise and fall through the course of a season.

The Finances screen is a particularly important screen, as Mogul requires you to remain economically viable while working your way toward the championship games. Compare your financial information to other teams here. Click on the silver tab buttons to change the data displayed in each column.

The Leaders screen lets you know how your players are measuring up individually against all other players. Click on any player name to see his or her scouting report. Click on the header buttons to change the leader lists shown.

The Games screen allows you to view scoring play summaries, line scores, player performances, and play-by-play text for any played game.

The Calendar screen shows every game scheduled for any one team. Home games are shown in white, away games in yellow. Game totals in four categories are shown for any games already played. To change the data displayed in any one column, click on the button at the top of the column.

The Playoffs screen shows all playoff teams and their seeding (how they are matched up based on their regular season performance). During the regular season, this screen shows the playoff picture if the season ended today. In the post-season, it shows actual matchups and any games played.

The Draft screen shows all current and past college draft picks. (Drafted players that are no longer in the league are not displayed). This screen is not displayed until after the first college draft has begun.

Ticker Tape

Along the bottom of all of the News screens is a "context bar" which shows the current state of the game. The players team, their current season record and the upcoming game are displayed to the far left. Following that are a series of buttons which show the upcoming games or, in the offseason, the various steps that should be accomplished during the offseason. By clicking on any of these buttons the game will skip to that time or phase allowing the player to quickly navigate to the next important even they wish to manage directly.

In addition to the context bar, there is a news ticker which will constantly show league leaders in a variety of statstical areas.


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