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Football Mogul 24



The Advanced Tools Dialog is located on the Tools Menu. It lets you perform some database alteration tasks:

Import Playbooks

Loads files from the playbooks folder matching current team names and year. For example, if you start a game in 2014 and there is a file called "2014-Patriots.opb", it will automatically load this file as the Patriots offensive playbook.

Fill College Draft Pool

Erases the list of draftable players and re-populates it with a pool of fictional draft-eligible players. This list can be viewed in the College Draft Dialog on the Players Menu.

Recalculate Contracts

Recalculates player contracts, estimating contract length, salary and signing bonus for every player in the database, using Football Mogul's evaluation of a player's value. This tool is useful if you are importing players but do not have complete data regarding their contracts.

Balance Payrolls

Clicking this button will adjust every player's salary cap impact (by altering salary and bonus information) so that every team's total payroll impact is below the league salary cap. This tool is useful in conjunction with 'Recalculate Contracts' to create a league database where all teams are below the salary cap.

Clear Output Folder

Erases all files in the "output" folder (such as game box scores and play-by-play recaps).

Clear All-Time Leaders

Erases all the All-Time Leader data in the current game.

Clear Injuries

Erases all injuries in the current game. (You can also adjust the rate of injuries in the Simulation Settings in the lower right corner of the League Editor.)

Export Player Ratings

Writes a comma-separated Player Rating file to the "Output/Ratings" folder with a filename matching the format "xxxx_Player_Ratings.csv", where 'xxxx' is the year in your current game (e.g. "1978_Player_Ratings.csv").

To adjust player ratings without opening the Player Editor for every player:

1. Click 'Export Player Ratings'.
2. Edit the ratings in the exported file.
3. Copy the new file to the "Input/Ratings/Simulation" folder (
or "Input/Ratings/Replay").
. Click 'Load Player Ratings' (see below).

Load Player Ratings

Loads a Player Rating file from the "Input/Ratings/Simulation" folder, matching the format "xxxx_Player_Ratings.csv", where 'xxxx' is the year in your current game (e.g. "1978_Player_Ratings.csv").

In Replay Mode, this will instead load a file from "Input/Ratings/Replay".

This function is performed automatically each time you start a new game. In Replay Mode, it is also performed at the start of each season.

Calibrate Player Ratings

Adjusts each player's ratings so that:

1. League average value (among all roster players) is set to 65-70.
2. The distribution of ratings (as measured by
standard deviation) is consistent with historical averages.

Sort All Teams

Chooses the starting players (offense, defense and kicking) for all teams in the current game.

Create Modern Database /  Create Historical Database

Creates and replaces the default database for the current season, using data from the "Input/Stats" folder and player ratings from the "Input/Ratings/Simulation" folder. These are the tools Sports Mogul uses to create the databases that are loaded when you start a New Game.


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