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Football Mogul 23



Setting Up a Trade

First, choose the team that you wish to offer a trade to from the drop-down list box in the middle of the dialog. When you pick a team, the list of players below the team name will change to reflect your choice.

To put together a trade offer, click on a player that click the Add to Deal button above that player's team. If you would like to add money to the deal, click the arrow buttons next to edit boxes to the right (to increment millions of dollars). The computer will not let you set a monetary figure in a trade that is higher than the amount of cash the team currently has.

You can also add draft picks to either side of a trade offer. Football Mogul lets you trade away (or trade for) draft picks up to three years into the future. If, for example, you trade away your 2010 4th round draft pick, then when the 2010 draft occurs, you won't have a 4th round pick. Each team is initially entitled to one draft pick in each round. So if you trade for a 1st round pick, without trading away your own pick, you will have two picks in the first round of that draft.

To see if the other General Manager will accept the deal, hit Submit Offer. The other team's owner will respond, either accepting the deal or giving you a hint as to how close to reasonable they consider the deal to be.

If the opposing GM accepts your offer and you hit the 'Just Kidding' button, this will abort the trade, but may also hurt your reputation as a GM, making it more difficult to get other GMs to accept your offers in the future.

You can involve up to 15 players on each team in the trade, but be sure to readjust your roster after making trades so that all the players you've traded for are positioned where you want them.

The Click and Scout Interface

Football Mogul allows you to quickly call up the scouting report of any player on the trade screen. To get the scouting report of a player who's listed on the right hand side of the trade dialog, click on the name and hit the 'Scouting Report' button. Their report will be displayed.

Football Mogul requires that you keep at least 53 players, and no more than 80 players, on your roster during the season. During the college draft, you are allowed to have as few as 46 players on your roster, to account for the fact that you can draft players to bring you up to 53 players before the first game of the season.

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