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Football Mogul 24




Welcome to Football Mogul. If you already know how to play, you can close this window by clicking the 'x' in the upper right corner. These "help pages" are available from inside Football Mogul using the Help Menu.


1. To start a game of Football Mogul, click the 'Start a New Game' button in the Football Mogul startup screen.

2. In the New Game Dialog, select your difficulty level. Fan is easiest and is recommended for new players. (Coach is moderately challenging, Manager is tough, and Mogul is most difficult).

3. Select your city and enter your team name at the top. Then, add your name. This will be the name shown in the Mogul Hall Of Fame if your score qualifies.

Hit the 'Play' button, and the first season schedule will set up.


1. Use the menus to make changes to your team before playing your first game. The Team Menu accesses your Offense, Defense and Special Teams.

If scanning your team information shows it to be weak in a particular area, you can look to add a team by signing a Free Agent or by arranging a Trade. If your team is near or exceeding the salary cap, you may need to release some players before you sign others.

2. If you wish, you can create new plays (or alter existing plays) by choosing "Playbook..." on the Team Menu. You can also do this in the middle of a season, or save and load groups of plays into an offensive or defensive "Playbook" file.

3. Once you've prepared your team, you can play a game, or a series of games using the 'Play' menu. This allows you to run a week, a month, half a season, or even a whole season of games in just a few minutes.

Alternatively, the context bar along the bottom of the screen can be used to navigate through the season, playoffs and offseason by selecting a game or phase to proceed to by clicking on it.

Before a game involving your team, Matchup Screen will show each teamís relative strengths and weaknesses.

4. After playing a game or games, use the News Screens to check game results. Each of the news screens gives different information about your team and others in both conference:

  • The Calendar Screen shows all played games for any one team.
  • The Games Screen shows details for any one played game.
  • The Finances Screen shows financial stats for all teams in one conference.

5. After viewing the results of played games, readjust your team through the menus, and play another game, set of games, or entire season.

Repeat steps 1 through 5 as much as you want, using the Mogul Hall Of Fame on occasion to check your Mogul Rating.

Contract Negotiation

At the end of each season, the contracts of certain players on your team will expire. You can notice these players easily at the end of the season because their names are shown in parentheses on the Offense, Defense and Special Teams dialogs. You can renegotiate with any player on your own team (by pressing the 'Negotiate' button in the Scouting Report), but you should focus on these players who are in the final year of their contract.

If you are close to the salary cap at the end of the season, you may have trouble keeping players whose contracts are expiring. For this reason, after you are eliminated (or the season ends) you should clear space from under your salary cap by releasing players you don't need, and negotiating new contracts with players you wish to keep. You can use the Finances Page on the News Menu to determine where your total payroll stands in relation to the Salary Cap.

The "Sortable Stats" dialog (on the Players Menu) will also show your team's current salary cap status. To clear payroll, you can use the Team and Player menus to:

1. Find players (shown in parentheses) with expiring contracts

2. Release these until below cap (click 'Finances' to view the finances page)

3. Negotiate with other players in parentheses using 'Negotiate' button in scouting.

One method to insure you don't lose any players because of the salary cap is to sign a new contract with every player you'd like to keep before choosing to 'Start New Season'. The only players left with expiring contracts will be players you've already decided not to retain.

College Draft

Before each new season, a College Draft is held. The team with the worst record in the previous year gets the first pick in each round. The World Champion gets the last pick. The College Draft lasts seven rounds. You can make all your team's draft picks personally, or you have the computer finish the remaining draft rounds for your team by going to the Play Menu.

Continuing in this way, negotiating player salaries, scouting the free agent list, and drafting players each year that fit your needs, you can play Football Mogul into the next century, and beyond.


Running a Game with More than One Player

Football Mogul has new features to help you run a league with more than one human-controlled team. All Football Mogul games start as a single person game. To add more players, go to the League Editor and click on the radio button opposite the one labeled "Computer". Then type the player's name in the empty edit box.

Running A Draft League

One way to run a league is to let every player involved take turns choosing which players they wish to have on their team. There are a number of ways of deciding which players end up on which teams. You may wish to let everyone take turns picking players, or auction every player with every player starting with the same number of "draft dollars". You can use the ROSTERS.TXT file in Football Mogul's INPUT directory to show all players in the database. And you can use the Print functions to create files or printouts showing player's recent stats.

Once you have decided which players start on which teams, edit the ROSTERS.TXT file until each team's list of players is correct. Then run Football Mogul and select "Roster File" from the New Game screen. If you wish to put every team on an equal financial footing, you should also check the "Equalize Cities" check box.







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