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Football Mogul 24



The Games Screen displays the details of any specific game that has been played during the current season.

The Game Screen is also where games are played out if you choose to play (rather than simulate) an individual game.

The player can choose each offensive and defensive play for all or part of the game as well as manage the clock with time-outs and substitutions as each game unfolds. Use the Team Menu to make substitutions. Use the Play Menu to call a time-out, or to view the Game Recap in the middle of the game.

In the center of the Game Screen is the current state of the game. It includes the position on the field, the time and quarter as well as some general statistics about each team.

Clicking the game clock will display the complete play-by-play recap of the current game (through the most recent play). Clicking the quarter (e.g. "1st Quarter") will show a smaller recap, listing just the game's scoring plays.

The Games Screen displays the offensive team's lineup on one side and the defensive team's lineup on the other. The information available includes the player's rating as well as the statistics they have accumulated for the current game. Click on a player's name for a full Scouting Report.

Choosing Plays

Along the bottom of the screen is the playbook with a context appropriate selection of plays to choose from. The play category buttons can be used to change the subset of the playbook being shown. In the example above "Short Passes" are being offered but "Long Pass" plays could be selected instead by selecting the "Long Pass" button.

Each individual play is selected by a simple mouse click. As the mouse is moved over each play the impact players relevant to that play will be highlighted within the appropriate teams roster.

Once selected, the play will "zoom up" and the corresponding play call by the computer AI will be displayed as well. The results of the play are then described between the two play calls along the bottom of the screen.

Keyboard Support

Instead of clicking on the folders and plays, you can use keyboard shortcuts:

  • A, B, C, D, E, F: Selects one of the six play folders
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0: Selects one of the 10 plays within each folder

The space bar and 'enter' key can be used when the game says 'click to continue'.

The keyboard shortcuts are useful for hotseat play: one player can choose plays with the mouse while the other player chooses plays with the keyboard.

Offensive Plays

For rushing plays, the rusher's intended path is shown in the diagram in pink.

For passing plays, the primary target's pass route is shown in pink. If the primary target is covered, the quarterback will try to complete a pass to one of the other receivers. Screen passes increase the chance that the primary target will be open, as does the ability level of the chosen receiver.

Text in the lower right shows the distance (in yards from scrimmage) at which point the primary target expects to be open. Therefore, a completed pass to the primary receiver will generally gain this many yards, plus any yards gained after the catch.

Defensive Plays

Defensive play diagrams show the responsbility taken on by each of the eleven defenders. The text below the play diagrams shows a general grade of how effective each defense is versus certain types of plays:

  • "Inside": Rushing plays "up the middle" (between the tackles)
  • "Outside": Rushing plays to either side of the field
  • "Short": Passes thrown to receivers within 10 yards of scrimmage
  • "Deep": Passes thrown to receivers more than 10 yards from scrimmage

Note that these letter grades are merely rough guidelines. They don't fully incorporate the effects of blitzes, double-teams and player personnel. For example, the "New England Cover-2" is listed as only a "C+" versus deep passing. However, cornerbacks and safeties that are excellent at pass coverage can make up for this deficit in the design of the defense.

More information about defensive plays:







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