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Football Mogul 24


Stadium Editor

NOTE: You must be in Commissioner Mode to use this feature.

First, select the team and stadium you'd like to edit.

The first edit box allows you to change the name of the stadium. (Upper left hand corner)

The Structure box allows you to set your stadium as: open, domed or convertible.

Capacity: This sets the seating capacity for your ballpark. The seating capacity is important for revenue. The more seats your ballpark has, the more tickets people can buy.

Convenience: Poor, Fair, Average, Good, Excellent

The more convenient your ballpark is for your fans, the more fans will be willing to show up to your games. A stadium's convenience rating is derived from information about parking availability, proximity to population centers and major roads, and accessibility via mass transit.

Comfort: Poor, Fair, Average, Good, Excellent

Comfort refers to the overall enjoyment of the experience at the ballpark. The comfortable the experience, the more tickets and concessions will be sold. Comfort is a combination of a great many factors, from the variety and quality of food served, to the stadium's nostalgic history. The closeness of seats to the field and modernity of the facility also affect this rating.

Sight Lines: Poor, Fair, Average, Good, Excellent

Sight lines refers to the view of the game provided by the average seat. Stadiums intended for sports other than football tend to have poor sight lines with seats directed away from the action. Older stadiums also have some obstructed-view seats because of construction supports and the like. Newer stadiums built solely for football tend to have the best sight lines. The quality of a stadium's sight lines has an effect on tickets sold, but less so that convenience or comfort.



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