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Football Mogul 24



In the playoffs, you can watch your team and others as they progress toward the championship.

Clicking on the final score of any played game will take you to the Games Screen, including a statistical game summary and access to a written play-by-play report.

Football Mogul will always pause at the playoffs for every year to allow you to view your team or set it up for the post season.

Determining Playoff Teams

The top six teams from each conference are selected for the playoffs. This includes all division winners, plus either two wild-card teams (if the conference has four divisions, such as for the year 2002 and later) or three wild-card teams (if the conference has only three divisions).

The team's regular season record is used to determine whether the team earns a playoff spot and/or home-field advantage. Ties are broken as follows:

For the division title:

  • Head-to-head record
  • Division record
  • Conference record
  • Record in common games

For wild-card spots:

  • Head-to-head record
  • Division record
  • Conference record
  • Record in common games
  • Points scored in conference games

Playoff Seeding

The playoffs include the top six teams from each conference. The division winners are seeded first, followed by the wild card teams. The #1 and #2 seeds (i.e. the division winners with the best records) receive a first-round bye. The remaining playoff teams (seeds #3 through #6) play on "Wild Card Weekend". Seed #6 (a wild-card team) plays at seed #3 (a division winner). Seed #5 (the other wild-card team) plays at seed #4 (the lowest-ranked division winner).

The playoff matchups are "re-seeded" after the first round. This means that the first-round winner with the best regular-season record meets the #2 seed, and the other team (the first-round winner with a weaker record) plays the #1 seed.

For example, if the home teams win each first round games (also called the "Wild Card Games"), then there is no need to reseed. In that case, in the 2nd round (also called the "Divisional Playoffs"), seed #4 plays at seed #1 and seed #3 plays at seed #2.

However, if seed #6 beats seed #3 in the 1st round, then seed #6 plays at seed #1 in the 2nd round and seed #4 plays at seed #2.

In the third round (the "Conference Championship"), the teams are re-seeded again, with the lower ranked team playing at the stadium of the higher ranked team.


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