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Football Mogul 24



Short Zone The player covers an area of the field within about 10-15 yards of the line of scrimmage. If mutiple defenders play a 'Short Zone', they will divide responsibility across the field horizontally. 'Short Zone' defenders are the best coverage against passes thrown 3-10 yards.
Deep Zone A deep zone is the most efficient way to protect against passes beyond 15 yards. However, it leaves the defender helpless against shorter routes (except for tackling the receiver after the catch is made). Deep zones are frequently combined with man-to-man coverage to give 'deep help' on longer passes..
Inside Zone The lineman or linebacker drops into pass coverage instead of rushing the passer, picking up any receivers that enter his area of the field.
Outside Zone The defender drops into zone coverage between his initial position and the sideline on his side of the field.
Man-To-Man Straight one-on-one coverage. The defender matches up against the best uncovered receiver on his side of the field, and let zone coverage handle the remaining receivers. Generally effective against all pass routes, but vulnerable to being beaten by a fast or talented receiver..
Behind Man Man-to-man coverage, with a clear instruction to the defensive player to stay behind the receiver (i.e. between his man and the end zone).
Underneath Man The opposite of 'Behind Man'. The defender guards the receiver one-on-one, keeping himself between his man and the quarterback.
Inside Man Man-to-man coverage where the defender stays inside the receiver. Best against crossing routes over the middle.
Outside Man Man-to-man coverage where the defender keeps himself between the receiver and the sideline. Strongest against 'out' and 'fade' routes where the receiver expects the ball thrown the to outside.
Bump and Run Man coverage that starts with the defender "jamming" the receiver at the line to knock him off his route. This is best against short timing routes where the quarterback expects the receiver to reach his destination at a specific time.
Double Team The defender (usually a linebacker) finds the best receiver and "brackets" him, in cooperation with his primary defender (usually a cornerback). This will reduce the chance of the ball being thrown the offense's best receiver.
Pass Rush Straight pass rush. The primary goal is sacking or disrupting the quarterback, but the defender is also effective against of running plays in his vicinity.
Outside Rush
/Inside Rush
A pass rush where the rusher picks a hole and goes for the quarterback. Compared to the normal 'Pass Rush', this route is riskier if the offense choose to call a running play because the defender is focussed on getting to the passer, and not worried about stopping the run.
Corner Blitz A pass rush taken by an outside player like a cornerback. Like the angled rush, this route commits 100% to getting to the passer and can be fooled by a draw play or screen pass.
Plug The Gap Also called 'Two-Gap', the defender focusses on stopping a running play through the hole to either side of his nearest offensive lineman. Most effective against runs between the tackles.
Rush Contain The defender watches the backfield for a rush to either side of the field. Effective against draw plays, runs to the outside, and scrambling quarterbacks.
Weakside Stunt /Strongside Stunt A stunt by the defensive lineman slows down his pass rush, but also helps confuse blocking schemes on running plays. This combines a moderate pass rush with effectiveness breaking up rush plays near the line of scrimmage.



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