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Football Mogul 24



The Leaders Screen shows the top 10 players in each of four statistical categories. On the leaders screen, members of user teams appear highlighted in green. Their location in the lists is equal to their standing in that particular field. The first place player in each category is shown at the top of the list.

Each of the four display areas can be toggled on the fly to show any one of a variety of statistics.

The leaders screen can display leaders for player statistics in three different categories: This Year, Last Year and Career. These modes are toggled by clicking the upper right hand corner button. Click this button to switch between This Year, Last Year and Career.

The leaders screen can also display leaders for either conference, or for both. Click the header button to switch between conferences, or to show both. This allows you to compare performance of players throughout the conferences with ease.

All-Time Leaders

The Conference Button (upper left) also gives you complete access to the All-Time Leaderboards. Click this button until it shows 'All-Time Leaders'. In this mode, the upper-right button has three new stats: Career, Season and Game. This lets you toggle between Career leaders, Single-Season records, and Single-Game accomplishments.

Unlike the normal leader display, the All-Time Leader functionality shows all leaders, whether active or retired. In addition, clicking the 'window' icon next to a category's title button will switch the screen to display the leaders in full-screen mode. In addition to expanding the leader list from the Top-10 to Top-20, this will also show data for when records were set and with what team:

Label Description
Date The week and year that the listed record was achieved ("Career" and "Game" only)
Year The year when this record was set ("Season" records only)
Age The player's age at the time he set the listed record
Team Team the player was on when the listed record was set
Career The number of years this player was in the NFL to set this mark ("Career" records only)

For example, if the line shows "377 Field Goals", the 'Date' and 'Age' field refer to the game in which the 377th Career field goal was kicked.

Click and Scout Interface for Leaders Screen

As you move your cursor over names in the Leaders Screen, you'll notice a little newspaper icon. This means a scouting report is available for that player. If you click on any player's name, his scouting report will be immediately displayed.


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