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Game Options

Commissioner Mode

Commissioner Mode allows you to force trades, run leagues for multiple players, and edit the player database.

Computer Offers Trades

This option allows the computer to make trade offers to you during the game. With this feature enabled, a dialog will occasionally appear where an opposing General Manager suggests a trade. If you hit 'Let's Talk', you'll go to the trades dialog, where you can make counteroffers and alter the terms of the deal. If you hit 'No Thanks', the dialog will close, with no trade being made.

Free Agent Bidding Wars

If this box is checked, computer-controlled teams may enter into bidding wars for free agents that you attempt to sign, after you have agreed to a deal with the free agent.

Program Options


Checking this box causes Baseball Mogul to save a copy of your game file before every simulation (when you choose an item from the Play Menu). This backup file will always be named '[Auto Save]'.mog and can be found at the bottom of the Resume Game Dialog.

Backup Saved Games

Every time a game is saved, Baseball Mogul will create a backup copy of the previous version of that saved game. This helps protect you in case the recent saved game gets corrupted by conflicts with the file system (such as anti-virus programs that occasionally prevent Baseball Mogul from saving all the game data).

Check for New Version

Leaving this box checked will tell Baseball Mogul to check for a new version of the game. If there is a new version of the game you will be given information about how to purchase it. This feature does not send any personal information or any information about your computer.

Use Metric System

Display height and weight measurements using the metric system.

Display Settings

Bold Dialog Fonts

Use bold fonts for labels and text in all dialog boxes (aka "popup windows").

Ticker Tape

Uncheck this box to turn off the scrolling text at the bottom of the screen. You made need to resize your window in refresh this part of the display area.

Show Ratings with Player Names

Displays player 'Overall' ratings (and 'Peak' ratings if applicable) next to their names in most dialog boxes (e.g. Lineup, Pitching, Defense).

Always Show Scouting Graphs

Check this box to always show 5-year graphs on the Scouting Report (these will be shown on top of any player photos).

Popups for Retiring Players

Check this box to stop play with a popup message whenever a player on a human-controlled team retires.

Popups for Spring Training News

Display popup messages (that stop the simulation) whenever there is news related to Spring Training. This usually involves players on your team learning new pitches from coaches or other players.

Dialog Box Size

Lets you adjust the size of dialog boxes (aka "popup windows") so that they fit on your screen. Change "Default" to a negative value (e.g. "-10%") to make dialog boxes (and the text and items inside them) smaller.

Note: Some values may cause text misalignment. Values of '-10%' and '-20%' are most useful on computers that have been set to display larger scale fonts.

Player Rating Calculation

Traditional Scouting

This is the scouting system used before Baseball Mogul 2014. Player ratings are created by looking at a player's "true" (hidden) ratings and then adding a degree of uncertainty. The magnitude of this uncertainty decreases as the quality of a team's Scouting Staff increases.

When in Commissioner Mode, or when using Perfect Scouting, there is no uncertainty added.

Stat-Based Scouting

Player Ratings are based entirely on statistics that the player has already accrued. In other words, ratings are not a magical window into a player's "true ability level". Like a modern-day General Manager, you must predict a player's future performance from his past performance. Luckily, Baseball Mogul does the work that your front office staff would normally do, translating each player's stats into Major League Equivalencies, and then combining those to create a single-season projection.

Variable Scouting

Player ratings are determined as with Traditional Scouting (above). However, the uncertainty for each player decreases as that player accumulates playing time. This reflects the fact that it is easier to assess the skills of a 10-year veteran than it is to accurately scout an 18-year-old prospect.

Play-By Play: Volume

Game Sounds

Sets the volume of on-field sounds (e.g. umpire calls, bat and ball sounds) during live play-by-play.

[Note: Game Sounds is set to zero by default because of a crash that occurs with some audio drivers.]

Crowd Ambience

Sets the volume of the constant "background noise" heard at the stadium in play-by-play mode. Also called the "crowd loop" -- these sounds are stored in CrowdLoop0.ogg and CrowdLoop1.ogg (both files are played simultaneously by Baseball Mogul).

Crowd Reactions

Sets the volume of crowd cheers in reaction to on-field events during live play-by-play.

Play-By-Play: Settings

Quick Play

This option forces the ball flight to cut short before the end of each play, so you can quickly move on to the next play. If you want to see the ball land on fly balls and pop ups, leave the option turned off.

Confirm Lineup Before Game

By default, Baseball Mogul will stop the simulation before entering Play-By-Play Mode, to allow you to make changes to your lineup and starting pitcher for that day's game. Uncheck this box if you would like the simulation to continue without stopping in these situations.

Stop Sim After PBP Game

By default, Baseball Mogul will stop the simulation at the end of any game viewed or played in Play-By-Play Mode. Uncheck this box if you would like the simulation to continue without stopping in these situations.

Base Coach Hints

By default, Baseball Mogul will display the approximate chance of success when going for an extra base. Uncheck this box if you would like to make these decisions without help from your base coach.

Play-By-Play: Stadium View

Show Play Result

Show the abbreviated play result (e.g. "SINGLE") in the stadium window of the Play-By-Play Screen, using a large font. If you turn off this setting, you can read the play results in the "Inning Recap" in the upper right.

Show Defensive Ratings

Show defensive ratings for the current fielders, at their on-field location.

Play-By-Play: Skip Inning Button Skip Inning Button

The "Skip Inning" button in the upper-right section of the Play-By-Play page lets you simulate to the beginning of the next half inning with one click. These settings tell Baseball Mogul to stop the simulation before the half-inning ends, if certain criteria are met (such as a baserunner getting into scoring position), allowing you to resume control of each at-bat (or each pitch).

Player Rating Scale

This setting specifies how ratings are displayed, but doesn't affect the underlying code that calculates them.

Rating Scale
Major League Average
50 - 100
Percentile scale, similar to grades awarded in academic environments. This is the default rating scale in Baseball Mogul.
75 - 80
25 - 100
Percentile scale shifted down 5 points. This is the scale used by the Player Editor.
70 - 75
20 - 80
Scale used by professional baseball scouts (although some organizations use a scale from 2.0 - 8.0)
1 - 20
Twenty-point scale, similar to that used by Championship Manager.

Box Scores and Recaps

By default, Baseball Mogul will save box scores and recaps for every game played by a season. This can add up to quite a bit of data, so they can be disabled if you do not want to view them.

  • Save User Team Games - Only games with at least one human-controlled team will be saved.

  • Save All Games - All games will be stored.

  • Don't Save Any Games - No games will be saved (except for those linked to news stories)

You have two choices in where to save box scores and recaps. "Save games in .MOG" will store the data in the saved game file. This results in a larger saved game file, but keeps the game results from becoming mixed with other games. "Save as Text Files" will store all recaps and box scores in your "Output" directory and can automatically keep multiple years of logs.

If "Delete Files Every Season" is checked, the text files will be erased every season to save space on your hard drive. If you are saving to the MOG file, games are always erased at the start of a new season. "Export Recorded game Files" will take all the games saved in your MOG file and write them to your "Output" directory to be copied or processed with third party software.

Delete Recorded Games

Clicking this button erases all box scores and recaps stored in the current game database. It does not affect any exported files on disk.

Export Recorded Games

Clicking this button takes all box score and recap data currently stored in the game and writes it to disk (as .txt files -- as if you had chosen 'Save as text files'). The data will remain in the currently loaded game database (unless you then also click the 'Delete Recorded Games' button).

View as HTML

Checking this box tells Baseball Mogul to output all Box Scores and Recaps as HTML. These files require that you have an Internet Browser installed.

Automatic Text Output

This section specifies which files you would like automatically output to your hard drive. Every file is a .txt file that can be edited or viewed at any time. All text is written to Baseball Mogul's "Output" directory.

  • Standings
  • Awards
  • Trades
  • Retirements
  • Finances

HTML Encyclopedia

Put Players in One Folder

If this box is checked, all scouting reports created by the Output Encyclopedia tool will be lumped together in one big folder. For example, the scouting report for Wade Boggs will be written to this location:

c:\Sports Mogul\Baseball Mogul 2017\Encyclopedia\Players\boggswa01.html

If this box is unchecked, player scouting reports will each be placed in a different subfolder according to the first letter of the player's last name, like so:

c:\Sports Mogul\Baseball Mogul 2017\Encyclopedia\Players\b\boggswa01.html

Background Skin

The Skin drop down under Graphics Options lets you chose among various color and photo schemes. The "SportsMogul" skin is the default skin. "Baseball 2008" and "Visually Impaired" are also included.

You can also make your own skins and download skins that other customers have created. Look at "Skins/Readme.txt" for more information.



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